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Many people dream of living in close touch with nature, however, following its changes throughout the year is the privilege of few. Wine goes beyond this.
It allows you to follow nature in its mood swings and changes of colours and, when it reaches the end of its natural cycle, man continues its development by storing its memories in a bottle.

FRA(ncesco)DE(de) Piaggi

OVIDIO (43 A.C. - 17 D.C.)

Wine prepares hearts and makes them more ready for passion.

LUCREZIO (98/96 A.C. - 55/53 A.C.)

The potency of wine penetrates man and its glow is dispersed through his veins.

ESCHILO (525 A.C. - 456 A.C.)

Bronze is the mirror of the form, wine of the spirit.


Fradé was born out of the desire of the Piaggi brothers (Francesco and Federico) to produce organic red, white and sparkling wines, creating a young, dynamic product, in accordance with the principles of organic farming, in order to defend and nurture their vineyards, in which only natural substances are used.

The production of grapes must be limited so that the plants are not stressed and generous, authentic and powerful wines can be obtained. Viticulture on the estates is strictly organic and certified, thus ensuring the production of high-quality grapes that are hand-picked and taken to the winery in crates. The grape bunches are carefully selected based on their ripeness in the particularly favourable microclimate on the Boffenisio and Cattabrega estates in the Oltrepò Pavese.

We grew up amongst the fields, but the first time we saw Boffenisio we were enraptured, filled with a warm feeling and intoxicated by the lovely scents all around us. It was late spring, the vineyards looked like a green carpet that covered the valley and woods crowned its slopes as if to protect the eternal fruit.

We went back in autumn and the green colour had yielded to the oxidised hues of a palette of browns, reds and yellows, while the scents had changed and stabilised. In our next visit, we were greeted by a blanket of white, silent snow. Then, amongst the spring blooms and scents, our dream came true, in this area of boundless beauty – Fratelli Piaggi


Fradé was created from an idea of the Piaggi brothers: Francesco – the elder brother – born in1994 and Federico – the younger brother – born in 1996. 

The name Fradé, which in the Oltrepò dialect means “brothers”, is also the acronym obtained from the initial parts of the two brothers’ first names: Francesco and Federico (Dede), young wine-growers of the Oltrepò Pavese.


The Oltrepò Pavese extends in Lombardy along the 45th parallel, in an area that is climatically and morphologically particularly well suited for growing vines and producing certified organic wines. The hilly landscape and limestone clay marl soils are the ideal habitat for quality grapes such as Pinot Nero, Croatina, Riesling as well as other native and international varieties.

The estates of Boffenisio – formerly called Buffinisio – and Cattabrega are nestled in a valley amongst the hills in the commune of Borgo Priolo, which form a natural amphitheatre over the valley of the Coppa stream.



Fradè produzione vini

“I like on the table, when we’re speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine”

Pablo Neruda

“Drink wine, for the bowl is the face of a friend.”

Mahmud Shabistari

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”

Wolfgang Goethe

Bufnìs 2018 Fradé


Fradé is the brand of the Boffenisio and Cattabrega estates, situated in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese, the southern part of the province of Pavia. The estates can be reached from the Casei Gerola motorway exit (Milan/Genoa motorway) and from the Casteggio or Voghera motorway exit (Turin/Piacenza/Brescia motorway).


Località Boffenisio 3
27040 Borgo Priolo (PV) - ITALY
Francesco +39 3421815111
Federico +39 3407137234

P.I./VAT 02553410180
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