Fradé is a 100% organic farm – certified by the Bioagricert control body – specialised in growing organic grapes that are used to produce and sell quality Oltrepò Pavese certified organic wines for the Italian and foreign markets. 

The Piaggi brothers’ wines are made here using organic farming methods that exploit the natural fertility of the soil, favouring it with limited interventions, thus promoting the biodiversity of its environment and excluding the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms.


We start pruning our vineyards in January, when the plants are completely dormant. Then in March we tie up the canes and, from May-June, we tie up the leaves, strictly by hand. Starting from July, the green parts are tipped and in August the vines are defoliated to favour the ripening of the grapes. The grass in the rows and aisles is cut mechanically.
In spring and summer, the vineyards are left to grow in grass to foster the biodiversity of the soil and work on the vineyard is carried out in autumn, after the harvest, on an alternate row basis.


Fradé manages to keep its vines and grapes healthy by treating them with copper and sulphur against peronospora and oidium and by using natural pyrethrum-based insecticides to fight leaf hoppers that cause flavescence dorée. The treatments are carried out in the cool hours of the day, starting from the first fortnight of May until the end of July.

In order to produce our certified organic wines, the grapes are hand-picked when they are ripe and placed in crates, paying special attention to the selection of only the best grape bunches. White grapes for sparkling wines are harvested at the end of August, for white wines they are picked in mid-September and red grapes for red wines are gathered from 25 September.


Autumn organic fertilising in the vineyard is carried out on alternate rows. The supply of nutrients after the harvest and before vegetative dormancy allows the vines to accumulate reserves of substances that are very useful for their subsequent growth cycle in spring. Moreover, this type of fertilisation offers the advantage of appropriately preparing the vines to survive the winter and for their new growth in spring.

After fertilisation, the mechanical tillage of the soil is carried out in alternate rows and in the aisles.

Bufnìs 2018 Fradé


Fradé is the brand of the Boffenisio and Cattabrega estates, situated in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese, the southern part of the province of Pavia. The estates can be reached from the Casei Gerola motorway exit (Milan/Genoa motorway) and from the Casteggio or Voghera motorway exit (Turin/Piacenza/Brescia motorway).


Località Boffenisio 3
27040 Borgo Priolo (PV) - ITALY
Francesco +39 3421815111
Federico +39 3407137234

P.I./VAT 02553410180
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